Investing in Paradigm Shifting Technologies
Decent Capital is a tech-oriented early-stage investment institution, anchoring around enterprise software, consumer internet, frontier and sustainable tech from Pre-Seed to Series A.
provides software that allows users to quickly build and use complex workflow automation and quickly create with click-and-use templates. Workflow automation seeks to eventually replace software consulting solutions.
is a data privacy and compliance SaaS solution that automates processes for Data Subject Requests to eliminate many of the costs, time, and complexities that both 2B and 2C companies face when it comes to regulation and compliance.
Ditto Tech Inc.Ditto Tech Inc.
Ditto Tech Inc.
is platform standardizes copy and words across a team's product from design to production. The software syncs all duplicate text to ensure the right copy is always in mockups; meanwhile, it standardizes and syncs platforms of copy across all authors and team members in real-time.
provides a service that puts power and data on a single wire, creating a central hub for power distribution and running applications and algorithms. This company improves the current method of powering a building by significantly reducing the need for skilled labor and code inspections while making buildings more sustainable and efficient.
is an all-in-one workspace for B2B Sales and Marketing teams to provide a personalized buying experience.
provides a protocol network for freight forwarders. It structures raw data and automates data input technology that can connect with any platform. The Company‘s vision is to eliminate shipment delays and errors in freight document processing.
is a trademark infringement compliance software for e-commerce brands.
provides a platform that is a modern marketplace for used manufacturing equipment. It seeks to reduce the friction of buying/selling with automation, user- generated content, and increasing network effects. The platform enables sellers to list, buyers to search and browse, and converts buyers back to the platform as sellers. is building the co-pilot for product development. Monterey does this by replacing documents with smart use-case-centric workflows that help you strategize, measure, and align.
Naya is a platform bringing creators together to experiment and collaborate. It aims to help the design community to create more inclusive, delightful, and sustainable products through its adaptive platform that embodies co:creation and trust while providing an incredible user experience
offers Shopify-like services for offline businesses.
is the world's fastest video editor supporting full collaboration, blazing-fast rendering and a 10-second learning curve.
Per DiemPer Diem
Per Diem
makes it easy for local businesses to sell subscriptions online, and we give them all the tools they need to build their own Amazon Prime.
is a conversational intelligence software powered by artificial intelligence, Pickle helps refine your sales process by uncovering blind spots and transforming conversations into actionable insights. Leverage the strengths of your sales team while uniting them with the most robust machine learning algorithms to take your customer management and sales efforts to the next level.
QuoteBeam is the marketplace for automation parts, quotes, and collaboration Engineering and procurement teams can find parts and collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers, all in one place. Quotebeam collaboration tools allow best-in-class suppliers to provide a seamless digital customer experience to buyers looking for industrial automation solutions. Times are changing and people want to work differently, it’s time for the industrial automation industry to catch up!
is an innovative and fast-growing platform to disrupt the online grocery market by using the power of community group purchases.
is a link-in-bio website builder for creators. The company’s mobile website builder offers extensive customization options and supports multi-SKU creators through donations, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and more.
Cider is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce platform focusing on overseas markets. Its innovative approach to building community, reducing inventory waste, and shipping anywhere has made it a new favorite for a generation of digitally native consumers.
can be considered the Airbnb of workspace. The Company‘s platform unlocks access to workspaces close to homes, capitalizing on changes in tech, work dynamics, and urbanization. The platform connects members to a powerful ecosystem through mobile-centric tech, allowing them to extract max value from the Company to connect, match, and co-work.
provides outdoor advertising with a network of digital displays through internet-connected smart screens on taxis and rideshares.
reinvents bike share and transportation. The Company runs a service of smart scooters and bikes with GPS, wireless connections, and sensors, addressing the issue of last-mile transportation.
provides online 1-on-1 multilingual Learning services. It is an EdTech company committed to providing a fun and engaging learning environment for young learners between 3-15 years old.
is a marketplace that delivers high-quality food from local vendors up to hours away, all in one box. Offers delivery far outside the delivery radius that these businesses can reach with traditional delivery apps.
helps brand owners boost sales with authentic and custom-made videos and photos.
is an online beauty community that helps users find products that are personalized to their needs. Consumers and influencers share videos on the platform, give feedback and share their personal experiences with the product or brand. Consumers can directly purchase products in-app.
is an e-commerce company that focuses on leveraging the M2C supply chain to deliver premium essentials at the lowest market price. Quince acts as a curated storefront to bring manufacturers closer to customers through shared partnerships in brand and marketing.
designs a real estate super app that simplifies handling home tasks, optimizes real estate finances and helps individuals make better real estate investments. The app solves the pain points of all aspects of real estate including renting, lending, and investing.
is a Drop-shipping as a service platform that enables resellers, SMB, individuals to sell goods via Trendsi’s supply chain and fulfillment. Trendsi can also be considered as a SaaS + marketplace model.
is revolutionizing the way American consumers view tea. Fuji serves fruit and cheese-topped tea, like HeyTea, but adjusted to American consumers‘s tastes. Fuji conveniently serves its consumers by pioneering mobile-only ordering within the US. The model of their brick-and-mortar stores features small layouts that serve as a play to simply prepare tea and pick-up orders.
solves BMI by developing soft, scalable, and stable next-generation neural probes, realizing subcellular resolution, ultra-high bandwidth, minimally invasive, and long-term stable brain-machine interface to seamlessly connect the brain to electronics.
pioneers Brain-Machine Interface technology, providing real-time neurofeedback with an EEG wearable. Through BrainRobotics, the company also manufactures and designs an AI-powered prosthetic arm, which is among the highest functioning and most affordable on the market.
Enrich TherapeuticsEnrich Therapeutics
Enrich Therapeutics
develops a novel cell discovery/isolation technology. Different from any existing fluidics-based technologies, our platform enables a streamlined workflow of natural cell culturing, kinetics profiling, and guided capturing.
Esperanto TechnologiesEsperanto Technologies
Esperanto Technologies
produces next-generation chips-extremely energy- efficient, high-performance computing, suitable for ML, VR, AR, AI, etc., while delivering solutions for hardware and system designers.
Kula BioKula Bio
Kula Bio
champions sustainable, biological solutions for modern agriculture. They pioneer technologies that supercharge the natural microbial processes that cycle air, water, and sunlight into the food humans eat and the land that produces it.
designs optical chips that empower the next generation of high- performance computing tasks. The Company's optical chips offer orders of magnitude improvement in terms of high speed, low latency, and low power consumption.
Mighty BuildingsMighty Buildings
Mighty Buildings
is a developer of 3D printing technology and an automation platform designed to make housing more affordable for customers. The Company's printing technology and use of composite materials for building sustainable architectures provide smart housing structures at affordable pricing and facilitate urban development.
is a radar sensing developer in 4D radar design and fusion. The Company's software improves vision sensors in autonomous vehicles. A disruptive sensing technology that is low-cost, high-resolution machine vision for the autonomous future.
Pantheon is the next generation FDM 3D printing system. It was built from the ground up as an industrial tool for manufacturers and engineers. Its 3D printing systems enable industrial-grade flexible manufacturing at a speed never seen before. The pantheon HS3 printer offers cycle times a minimum 5X faster than the industry standard all while achieving a beautiful surface finish and industry-leading tolerances.
Pegasus AeronauticsPegasus Aeronautics
Pegasus Aeronautics
(CA) designs and manufactures powertrains for industrial UAVs, allowing them to increase flight endurance and carry larger payloads.
creates a product that is a lightweight, comfortable, non-invasive continuous pulse wave to read blood pressure. It uses a patented technology from a Stanford professor, which provides sensor data like arterial line data, without the pain and risks.
provides a wireless power network that allows advanced electronics to exist sans human intervention, making charging as seamless as WIFI.
SiLC TechnologiesSiLC Technologies
SiLC Technologies
seeks to apply economic growth through volume production, scaling engines, semiconductor materials, and processes to the 3D sensing sector. The product integrates full photonics functionality into a single vision sensor while utilizing standard assembly processes and established ecosystems.